A Flying Caterpillar

By David Alsobrook

A fuzzy caterpillar was crawling on a tree limb munching on green leaves. He noticed birds flying in the air and something intuitively said to him: One day you will fly! He knows this came from The Creator and believes it in his caterpillar heart, but his caterpillar mind gets it tangled up somehow. He envisions himself as a Flying Caterpillar!

He begins to get sleepy and notices ooze coming from his body. Next thing he knows is he is in a dark place, a warm cocoon. And then disaster strikes: his body begins dissolving in that dark, wet place. “Oh no!” the fuzzy caterpillar cries, “I am losing my fuzziness, my greenness, my caterpillar-ness! This is horrible! Why is The Creator causing this to happen to me? He promised me wings, but instead I’m A MESS!”

He finally surrenders his self-image of “caterpillarness” (his understanding of what it means to be a good caterpillar, a praying caterpillar, a giving caterpillar, a holy caterpillar). AND HE GOES TO REST IN HIS STATE OF COMPLETE SURRENDER TO THE CREATOR.

One day he emerges. It is the same caterpillar but he doesn’t look like one anymore, and he has beautiful WINGS! Soon he is airborne and leaves Mexico and flies to Canada, stopping off in California on the way. His view of things is so much different now!  He is no longer inching along one limb of one tree, but sees millions of trees!

Friend, you and hundreds of others like you, have read my book, heard my CDs and prayed for “a flat rock somewhere like the one David was told to sit on…” Instead of a flat rock, you are finding greater misery, darkness, and losing what little bit of God you thought you had. Or so you think…Think…THINK.

In truth you haven’t lost anything except your fuzziness, your greenness, your immaturity. You are about to emerge totally new and fly to new places in God with a beauty most rare and a body most light.

Friend, you said, “I’ve surrendered.” But you have only THOUGHT you surrendered. Once you surrender, let go of your attachments to what you THINK and come down into your reborn spirit and REST, The Creator will remake you.  You will fly, dear friend…do not fear.

You are not doing anything wrong,friend. But you should not be doing. Instead, allow yourself to BE in Christ.

I am “confident of this very thing–He who began a good work in you will complete it for the day of Christ.”

Sure Word Ministries