The Faithfulness of God

God’s loving kindness toward us is because we are in covenant relationship with Him. The Lord is GOOD, and He takes holy pleasure in being able to bless His people.

Our sin can make us is timid to trust in God’s goodness. But God’s goodness is not like ours. His goodness is self-caused, and does not depend on or fluctuate because of circumstances.

Focusing on His goodness will cause our hearts to have full assurance of faith. The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever!

Decoding Kingdom Secrets

God is after reformation– not just believers who can do the “church thing” once a week, but He desires believers who can live a kingdom lifestyle at all times no matter what the circumstances.

Understanding kingdom secrets is a key to being transformed. The revelation and truth we receive is intended to change they way we function, but God has intentionally encoded those truths so that there would not be illegal access. We are the ones who must, by listening, obedience, attitudes and actions apply ourselves to decode the secrets of heaven that we may be transformed.

The Ministry of Believers

Each of us has a ministry call. Jesus said those who believe in him would do the things he did AND greater works!

Our lives are to include our ministry, and God has set five-fold ministers in place to equip us so that our ministry is effective. The ultimate purpose of our ministry is to build the Body of Christ.

There are people who need your ministry–you are someone’s answer to prayer! Let us diligently seek how we may be perfected and mature so that every joint can supply the needs of the Body!

Overcoming Failure

Everyone is going to fail at something at some point. Big or small, a failure is inevitable.

Our response to failure and our perspective if it, however, will determine whether we move forward, learn from it and grow, or whether the failure shuts us down and we get stuck there.

Throughout scripture we read of phenomenal men and women of God who had HUGE failures, but they weren’t characterized by their failures and continued to go on and fulfill their destinies. By learning to have the proper perspective and responses to our failures, we, too, can learn the lessons and move forward to fulfill our destinies.

Understanding Transition

We all go through seasons of transition. Transition– the process of change from one thing to another– is a necessary process in which God ordains for us in order to be fully conformed to His image. In order for us to go from the promise to the manifestation, we must go through transition.

Transition has a fair amount of uncertainty, and can be painful and disappointing. God intends for us to learn, and unlearn some things as we go through transition.

The keys to successfully getting through our transition is to get the message of what God is having you learn, and to respond properly. As we seek the Lord and the comfort of the Scriptures, we will see the end result of transition.

What’s Growing? Part 2

God has set Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles and Evangelists to equip us for the work of the ministry; to make us ready for the Lord. Getting us ready means they will be dealing with character issues, discovering our gifts and callings, and equipping and releasing us into that calling.

So, how is your field looking? Is it producing the fruit of the Word of God? Or have you gotten lazy and are weeds choking out your fruit?

It’s time to take a hard look at our fruit, and tend the areas that have fallen into disrepair because of our laziness. The Word of God WILL produce in our lives, provided something is not choking it out. And, our five-fold ministers are bringing out the shovel and the weed-killer to help!

Evicting the Deaf and Dumb Spirit

We need to hear from God. And, God has promised to give wisdom generously… yet sometimes we still have trouble hearing.

Deaf and dumb spirits, along with unbelief, can be an obstacle to hearing the Lord. Most people’s problem in seeing a breakthrough is not the amount of their faith, but the amount of their unbelief.

But, we can overcome the deaf and dumb spirits and our unbelief and receive the wisdom, strategy, healing and breakthrough that comes from hearing the voice of the Lord.

The End of Pig-Pen Days


Remember Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” character Pig-Pen? He is best-known for the cloud of dirt and dust that follows him wherever he goes.

Many times we, as Christians, are like Pig-Pen — the memory, pain and condemnation of our past is like a cloud that follows us everywhere. Though we are born-again, spirit-filled believers, our current “cloud” of thinking affects our confidence in the Lord.

Jesus doesn’t look at our past. He wants to bring us PAST the law of sin and condemnation and into His law of life and peace. Through repentance, faith and renewing our minds, we can live free — remembering our sins no more, and living “from now on” as Jesus sees us.

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