Fewer Cowardly Lions: A Call to Leaders

Lion In Frank Baum’s famous story, The Wizard of Oz, is a lion whose behavior is far removed from his rank as “King of the Jungle”. He is a pathetic, sniveling coward afraid to lead and to confront the threats that surround him and his traveling companions. Near the end of the story, he finally rises to the challenge and demonstrates courage for the very first time, which brings a positive transformation to his personality and respect from the others.

Too often in the Body of Christ, we have leaders with a position of authority who are afraid to address the very real problems in the lives of those they oversee. Too often, the leader shies away with a promise to pray over the troublesome situation, while apparently waiting for it to go away or for someone else to deal with it.
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Finding Encouragement

It was a catastrophe.

David and his warriors returned to their home base at Ziklag and were shocked to discover that the city had been raided and burned and that all their wives and children were carried away captive. The men were in great anguish and, in their pain, blamed David and were ready to kill him.

David was greatly distressed. His own family had also been taken, and his life was now in danger from his own men. He was grieving and at a loss what to do.

At that point, David made the choice to strengthen himself in the Lord. He did not wallow in grief-stricken self-pity. As he stood alone, he turned to the One he knew to be a refuge in the day of trouble. He encouraged himself in the Lord.

Why was David alone able to find strength and encouragement?

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