The Grace of Transformation by David Alsobrook

By David Alsobrook

“It is possible to enjoy heaven on earth now. There is no need to suffer inwardly no matter what so-called ‘life’ throws at you. Your happiness is not dependent upon the happenings taking place in the surface realm of your existence, but only in the quality of your soul’s submission to the will of God, moment by moment,throughout each day.”
~ David Alsobrook

From You Can Be Free From Yourself!:
The Grace of Transformation

It was transformation. It had happened by God’s work within me, as I sat passively in His Presence. To put it another way, this work of transforming me had been all His work, not mine. The Holy Spirit did the actual transformation within my soul as He applied the benefits procured by the Cross. Should transformation occur within your soul, it will be as profound and unique to you as mine was to me. It is beyond the ability of words to convey the state of peace that is given to you in transformation. It is all grace, all love, all peace, all God.

Transformation was a death – an ending of “me” that was not the true me. This other “me” had been hurting for a half century. Continue reading

Peaceful Living

This article was taken from a teaching by David Alsobrook of Sure Word Ministries:

What is something almost all of nature abides in? Stillness. Quietness. Confidence. God’s will is that we should be that way too. Focusing on what might happen in the future is “what iffing” (pardon the grammar). “What if such and such happens tomorrow?” “What if the check doesn’t come in by the 15th?” “What if I get farther behind on my bills, what will I do then?” “What if he doesn’t keep his word to me and then I’m left without any recourse?” Many millions of people “what if” their lives away, and so very much of it never materializes anyway. Continue reading

Serenity Prayer by David Alsobrook

Date: August 4th, 2007
Speaker: David Alsobrook