Discerning the Luciferian Spirit

Discernment is needed in these times when so much deception abounds. The Luciferian spirit is one that tempts gifted leaders and potential leaders in the Body of Christ. It targets those in close proximity to the senior leader, especially those with musical and spiritual gifts such as healing and miracles. Here is a teaching on how it operates and how to stay free.

Evicting the Deaf and Dumb Spirit

We need to hear from God. And, God has promised to give wisdom generously… yet sometimes we still have trouble hearing.

Deaf and dumb spirits, along with unbelief, can be an obstacle to hearing the Lord. Most people’s problem in seeing a breakthrough is not the amount of their faith, but the amount of their unbelief.

But, we can overcome the deaf and dumb spirits and our unbelief and receive the wisdom, strategy, healing and breakthrough that comes from hearing the voice of the Lord.