Lessons from a 2-year-old


Rachel Meyer

By Rachel Meyer

I am helping my daughter and her husband potty-train their little girl. It is probably enough just to say that Kinsley is a two-year-old, but she is so much more! Kinsley is strong-willed and opinionated; she is adventurous and bold. She is bright, and beautiful, and all things good in the world. Can you tell that I love being her gramma?

And love her I do, but here’s the thing: I’m kind of an old hand at this. Not to mention, I raised her mother. I have an edge in this situation. I learned long ago, that no matter what the situation is, it pays to have an edge. I understand now, what I did not realize with her mom. That hundred-watt smile? She already knows how to work it! Those tears that break our heart? They have nothing at all to do with penance! Even at two years old and just pushing three, she is truly becoming “wise as a serpent,” but I am not so sure she has the “harmless as a dove” part down yet. This child just wants control!

The other day, as we were ritualistically conducting the Battle of the Bathroom, I said, “Dear God, this child is more stubborn than I am!” I think God laughed. Seriously. I think He laughed right out loud! Then I heard that little voice I have come to recognize so well. “You can be successful or you can be right.” I think He said it with a touch of humor. I was about to spout off and say I was glad we could add some amusement to His day, when I “got it.” I was either arguing, or trying to reason, with a TWO YEAR OLD! I began to get the visual of what this must look like to The King of the universe! This time, I laughed! I also changed my tactics.

Now we have fun with it. I’m more patient, more kind. She gets to make choices. I get to relax the reins a little. She still has to wash her hands, but she can choose a lotion to use after. If she has an accident, no harm, no foul. I’m just as disappointed as she is, but it’s all good because in ten minutes we get to try again. We still have discipline, but I believe in her. I try to be quick to laugh, quick to applaud. I try to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. I try to be like my Father, because I know what He is like with me.

That’s where I am really going with this. God’s Word is so much more than words. It’s a blueprint for every single situation, every personality, every success, and every failure. God is not a control freak. He’s a Father Who wants the best for His kids. He gives us all the tools we need for success, and then He gives us room to explore them. I remember times I have not chosen wisely myself. Continue reading

Daddy’s Home!

At the end of the day the front door opens, and the little boy runs to the door, announcing “Daddy’s home!” It is a joyful reunion as he relishes Daddy’s enthusiastic embrace and affection, eager to hug and to tell his dad all about his day. He knows he is welcome in Daddy’s arms.

Consider the difference with an orphan who may have had years of painful memories that taught him that fathers will not always be there to welcome and embrace. Even when adopted into a loving home, it may be quite some time before he gets used to the fact that he is a real member of the family and that Daddy will actually be there for him. He may be filled with dread when he disobeys or disappoints, that desertion is sure to follow. Continue reading

Loving You

Healthy friendships are loving, supportive, respectful, and honest. We enjoy spending time with each other. Oftentimes, when we are discouraged, it is a friend who comes along and makes us laugh or gives us reassurance and hope.

A true friend will not sabotage your dreams or be happy about your struggles. Healthy people do not tolerate a friend who continually makes them feel worse with critical remarks and ridicule.

Yet, that very behavior is not only tolerated, but too often accepted, when it comes from our own inner voice. Barbs of criticism are mistakenly identified as “humility”, or even, appallingly, “the conviction of the Lord”. Continue reading

Forged Values

When it comes to ice cream, you may have a personal preference of vanilla over chocolate, but, allergies aside, it really will not make a difference which you choose.

However for the important decisions of life– choosing a church home, a career, a partner–there are reasons why one choice is more personally appealing than another. The reason is personal values, those non-negotiables in life where the line is drawn by us. Values provide the reasons why we do what we do. Continue reading

The Nature of Sacrifice

As the plague was devastating Jerusalem, King David prayed for mercy. The Angel of the Lord commanded the prophet Gad to instruct David to build an altar and offer a sacrifice on Ornan’s site. When Ornan heard of this, he generously offered to freely provide the oxen, wood, and wheat.

But King David said to Ornan, “No, but I will surely buy it for the full price; for I will not take what is yours for the LORD, or offer a burnt offering which costs me nothing.” Continue reading

Why We Gather

The Church is a group of people called together to one purpose. When we gather, there is to be a life flow from the Head (Jesus!) to the Body (the Church!).

Unity is where love and power flow– as we minister the love of God one to another. God is not as concerned with how much we are loved, as He is how much we have loved. Let us gather together looking to give and receive the Love of God.

Hearts Of Stone

The enemy has strategies of infiltration, depression and passivity to get believers off-track in their devotion and discipleship to the Lord. Getting people to develop a heart of stone is part of the strategy.

A heart of stone may seem like a defense mechanism against pain and wounding, but it is also a wall that keeps us from intimacy and receiving love from the Lord and people.

A heart of stone will grow from a root of bitterness, but surrendering to God’s strategies of peace, love and intimacy will melt a heart of stone and give us a heart pliable in His hands.

The Transformed Life

True encounters with God produce change. God is after transformation– evidence in our lives of our relationship with Him.

We must be willing to be changed, and willing to be available and pay the price for change: a surrendered heart, life and personal sacrifice for the sake of others.

The Faithfulness of God

God’s loving kindness toward us is because we are in covenant relationship with Him. The Lord is GOOD, and He takes holy pleasure in being able to bless His people.

Our sin can make us is timid to trust in God’s goodness. But God’s goodness is not like ours. His goodness is self-caused, and does not depend on or fluctuate because of circumstances.

Focusing on His goodness will cause our hearts to have full assurance of faith. The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever!

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