It’s My Life!

When a person becomes a teenager, they begin to question the rules by which their parents have governed them.  As they mature (one hopes!) they will come to realize that some of the rules are wisdom and for their benefit– going to bed at a reasonable hour so they can make it to work in the morning, brushing their teeth so they don’t rot out of their mouth, etc.

But many teenagers who think they are finally “free” of their parents rules actually become slaves to their rebellion.

We are not to require continual monitoring, control and correction to do the things that are wise and godly.  That is what children require.  As we grow and mature, we are to take responsibility for our own lives– naturally and spiritually– as WE are the ones who will answer to God for them!

Your Heavenly Makeover

The nature of the universe is designed to respond to your words and belief system– all of creation responds to the voice of the Lord.

Our thoughts, words and actions need to agree with the spiritual image God has destined for us.  We need a heavenly makeover!

Keeping It Real

As we learn to be the Body of Christ and maintain unity, dealing with relationships is of utmost importance.

Relationships may vary in levels of intimacy, but we are to share with one another and grow up into all things. Deepening relationships is a part of our maturity as saints.

Discerning Spiritual Experiences

God says he has hidden the secrets of the kingdom from the “wise” and revealed them to “little children.” God says we are to come to him like little children— because children are the most inquisitive, open and eager to believe.

Like children, we are to be filled with wonderment and delight in everything God does!

And though we are to receive with eagerness, there is still wisdom and measure to be applied to how we weigh and determine the origin of the revelation we receive.

Download Handout for ‘Discerning Spiritual Experiences’ as a PDF.

What’s Growing? Part 2

God has set Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles and Evangelists to equip us for the work of the ministry; to make us ready for the Lord. Getting us ready means they will be dealing with character issues, discovering our gifts and callings, and equipping and releasing us into that calling.

So, how is your field looking? Is it producing the fruit of the Word of God? Or have you gotten lazy and are weeds choking out your fruit?

It’s time to take a hard look at our fruit, and tend the areas that have fallen into disrepair because of our laziness. The Word of God WILL produce in our lives, provided something is not choking it out. And, our five-fold ministers are bringing out the shovel and the weed-killer to help!

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