Being A Watcher


Rachel Meyer

By Rachel Meyer

It occurs to me, this morning, that most of our enemies are invisible. I mean, we see the results, occasionally even the symptoms, but rarely does our real enemy come out into the open. I ponder this while watching a group of young people dance in the park to the tunes of a street musician. The musician, himself, appears tattered, but in a tailored sort of way. He has that rebel aura that we are often drawn to, and a good eye for the crowd. He adjusts his tone accordingly. I only recognize this because I am a people-watcher too, howbeit for different reasons. It isn’t the musician I am attracted to right now. I try to blend in, as I watch the dancers.

I try to pick up on the spiritual atmosphere that surrounds them. I listen. I pray. I watch.

I’m refreshed to hear their laughter, to see how totally in sync they seem to be. There’s an elderly couple sitting on a park bench nearby. The lady smiles, as her husband taps his foot. I watch. You see, I’m keeping a vigil of sorts. I used to come here to pray for our city, to pray for our nation, to pray over events we had planned, and some we had not planned for at all. That’s what I used to do. I pray differently now. I listen closer. I try to be a little more on purpose about discerning the spirit of a thing. Continue reading

Have You Begun?

A few years ago, I saw that some confusion began to develop regarding the role of the local church and also fivefold ministers when it came to the marketplace.

Fivefold ministers: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher (See Eph 4:11)

For years, the expectation was generally held that ministry was done by those in the pulpit and inside the church building. Then the understanding came that all are called to some form of ministry, while most are not called to pulpit ministry.

Whereas those who have entered into this revelation are finding much freedom and joy as the Lord works with and through them apart from the pulpit or even the church service, there is a common misconception about what quantifies spiritual ministry. Continue reading

What is a network?

A network is an organization of people and/or ministries uniting together. It is similar in the way denominational churches are connected to one another, except a network (in our case at least) is less hierarchical. People partner with organizations and networks because they believe in the vision and want to promote it. Some ministries call their contributors and associates “partners”. People want to belong; they want to work together; they want to associate with others like them.

In our network, people give and pray and serve and receive benefits of that association, just the same as people do when they join a church. A network generally has a larger focus than a local church. Participating in Destiny Spirit Ministries can either be in addition to or instead of a local church; it depends on your situation.

Contact us for further details.

Your Ministry of Light

Every single believer is called to “ministry.”   This may not be preaching from the pulpit or other public positions, but each of us is called to impact lives and change the word around us by letting the light of Christ shine!

Sinners loved Jesus.  Jesus attracted people by His goodness, and we are to do likewise.  When we do good for other people, we allow the Glory of God to be seen.

Let your light shine!

The Ministry of Believers

Each of us has a ministry call. Jesus said those who believe in him would do the things he did AND greater works!

Our lives are to include our ministry, and God has set five-fold ministers in place to equip us so that our ministry is effective. The ultimate purpose of our ministry is to build the Body of Christ.

There are people who need your ministry–you are someone’s answer to prayer! Let us diligently seek how we may be perfected and mature so that every joint can supply the needs of the Body!

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