Daddy’s Home!

At the end of the day the front door opens, and the little boy runs to the door, announcing “Daddy’s home!” It is a joyful reunion as he relishes Daddy’s enthusiastic embrace and affection, eager to hug and to tell his dad all about his day. He knows he is welcome in Daddy’s arms.

Consider the difference with an orphan who may have had years of painful memories that taught him that fathers will not always be there to welcome and embrace. Even when adopted into a loving home, it may be quite some time before he gets used to the fact that he is a real member of the family and that Daddy will actually be there for him. He may be filled with dread when he disobeys or disappoints, that desertion is sure to follow. Continue reading


A man told me of the time he was painting the spiral staircase and said, “Lord, I’m not going to paint the bottom of the three lowest stairs.”

As clear as a bell, he heard the Lord say, “We both know someone who will notice.” Sure enough, later on, his wife came in, inspected the paint job, and said, “You didn’t paint the bottom of the last three stairs.”

True story.

I wonder how many of us carry on such conversations with the Lord. Continue reading