Changing Our Temple Mentality by Laura Houck

By Laura Houck, Bridge Builders Ministry


1) Are you someone who endures through the week until you can attend church on Sunday in order to get into God’s presence?
2) Are you desperate for people to pray for you, and cannot wait until mid-week prayer meeting?
3) Have you been scheming ways to get someone you know to come to a church service so they can get right with God or get saved?
4) Do you seem to have great faith and boldness to pray and believe God for things while at a service, but struggle to pray at all in other places, whether at home or work?
5) Are you in a place that believes only your kind of church is the only way to know the Lord and all others are simply misguided?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be possible that you are suffering from TMS! Read the rest here.

Meeting With God

To “wait on the Lord” as scripture instructs is not intended to be a passive state. Rather, we are to “lie in wait” with watchful expectancy and focused, unwavering attention– like one who is waiting to ambush someone. We are to ambush the Lord!

When we sense the Lord’s presence, that isn’t the end goal, it’s our invitation. Learn to discern His presence, position yourself to enter in, and ambush Him! Like Jacob who wrestled with God all night, we must determine not to let him go until we have an encounter with him that changes us forever.

Positioning for Divine Encounters

God’s intent for the people of Israel is that they would be a KINGDOM of priests. Divine encounters weren’t to be just for one person, but corporate encounters with the living God.

God has promised to reveal himself and to pour out His Spirit– we must position ourselves to receive. The prerequisites are not complicated: Love God and love one another; present yourself to God; seek the things above and forgive as you have been forgiven.

As we seek after God, he will reveal himself to us.

Prophetic Worship

God has given us instruction on how to come into His presence and give the offering of spontaneous praise where He dwells.

Music and worship are powerful ministries that bring prophetic release, victory in warfare, deep revelation, teaching, and salvation to the lost. God has ordained that we can participate now in the worship that will be eternal in heaven.

Martin Luther spoke of music and art saying “…art is a reflection of creativity and evidence that we were created by God.”