Romance and Marriage

The Prayer Team frequently receives requests expressing a desire to be married, or to be re-united with a former love, or for a spouse or loved one to change in his or her behavior towards him or her. Many people struggle with these unfulfilled desires.

We are happy to lift up your request to the Lord and to believe with you for your answers!

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Pondering How To Answer

Relationships take work! In dealing with people, we are sometimes hurt by their flaws or sins. We are then left with the choice of how to respond. It can be really complicated at times!

“The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things.”(Prov 15:28)

Thoughtful believers want to walk in Christlikeness, however tempted to attack or withdraw. God calls us to relationship and fellowship, knowing that we will rub against one another from time to time. We might be called on to extend mercy and overlook a wrong, or it may be time to speak the truth in love.

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Victory Over Reproach

The Word instructs us that we are to live above reproach– to conduct ourselves in such a way that our critics can find no fault in us.

Of course, there are people who are always going to look to find fault, criticize and judge. We can have victory over reproach, and not fall into the trap of judgment and condemnation of others by sowing mercy, accepting mercy and living in faith that God is truly on our side!

Kingdom Unity

Unity is powerful, and it gets God’s attention.  Scripture tells us that where there is unity, there is God’s blessing, provision, power, and presence.

True Kingdom unity begins at the ground level of relationships.  We must maintain unity by learning to successfully overcome sin, conflict and transitions in our relationships.  When we continue to walk in agreement with the higher purposes for which our relationships exist, we will see and enjoy the fulfillment of God’s promises and blessings.

Keeping It Real

As we learn to be the Body of Christ and maintain unity, dealing with relationships is of utmost importance.

Relationships may vary in levels of intimacy, but we are to share with one another and grow up into all things. Deepening relationships is a part of our maturity as saints.