Lessons from a 2-year-old


Rachel Meyer

By Rachel Meyer

I am helping my daughter and her husband potty-train their little girl. It is probably enough just to say that Kinsley is a two-year-old, but she is so much more! Kinsley is strong-willed and opinionated; she is adventurous and bold. She is bright, and beautiful, and all things good in the world. Can you tell that I love being her gramma?

And love her I do, but here’s the thing: I’m kind of an old hand at this. Not to mention, I raised her mother. I have an edge in this situation. I learned long ago, that no matter what the situation is, it pays to have an edge. I understand now, what I did not realize with her mom. That hundred-watt smile? She already knows how to work it! Those tears that break our heart? They have nothing at all to do with penance! Even at two years old and just pushing three, she is truly becoming “wise as a serpent,” but I am not so sure she has the “harmless as a dove” part down yet. This child just wants control!

The other day, as we were ritualistically conducting the Battle of the Bathroom, I said, “Dear God, this child is more stubborn than I am!” I think God laughed. Seriously. I think He laughed right out loud! Then I heard that little voice I have come to recognize so well. “You can be successful or you can be right.” I think He said it with a touch of humor. I was about to spout off and say I was glad we could add some amusement to His day, when I “got it.” I was either arguing, or trying to reason, with a TWO YEAR OLD! I began to get the visual of what this must look like to The King of the universe! This time, I laughed! I also changed my tactics.

Now we have fun with it. I’m more patient, more kind. She gets to make choices. I get to relax the reins a little. She still has to wash her hands, but she can choose a lotion to use after. If she has an accident, no harm, no foul. I’m just as disappointed as she is, but it’s all good because in ten minutes we get to try again. We still have discipline, but I believe in her. I try to be quick to laugh, quick to applaud. I try to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. I try to be like my Father, because I know what He is like with me.

That’s where I am really going with this. God’s Word is so much more than words. It’s a blueprint for every single situation, every personality, every success, and every failure. God is not a control freak. He’s a Father Who wants the best for His kids. He gives us all the tools we need for success, and then He gives us room to explore them. I remember times I have not chosen wisely myself. Continue reading

Not So Secret Thoughts

What you think about will change your emotions, attitude, actions and circumstances – for the better or the worse!

Sometimes we lie to ourselves rather than facing the truth of what we really think.  But your spirit knows the truth about what you think.

By taking an honest look at our thoughts and submitting them to the higher truth of God’s thoughts and meditating on HIS truth, we can make our way prosperous and successful!

Throw Out the Slave and Her Son

In order to come into the fullness of our true identity, we have to break off the bondage of old mindsets. We are to live and serve out of true Sonship, and not slavery.

Rather than deal with the responsibility of freedom, many people revert back to a slave mentality. But in order to obtain the full legal rights of our Sonship in Christ Jesus, we must persevere and reach out for the freedom to which we were purchased!

The End of Pig-Pen Days


Remember Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” character Pig-Pen? He is best-known for the cloud of dirt and dust that follows him wherever he goes.

Many times we, as Christians, are like Pig-Pen — the memory, pain and condemnation of our past is like a cloud that follows us everywhere. Though we are born-again, spirit-filled believers, our current “cloud” of thinking affects our confidence in the Lord.

Jesus doesn’t look at our past. He wants to bring us PAST the law of sin and condemnation and into His law of life and peace. Through repentance, faith and renewing our minds, we can live free — remembering our sins no more, and living “from now on” as Jesus sees us.

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