Discerning Spiritual Experiences

God says he has hidden the secrets of the kingdom from the “wise” and revealed them to “little children.” God says we are to come to him like little children— because children are the most inquisitive, open and eager to believe.

Like children, we are to be filled with wonderment and delight in everything God does!

And though we are to receive with eagerness, there is still wisdom and measure to be applied to how we weigh and determine the origin of the revelation we receive.

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Decoding Kingdom Secrets

God is after reformation– not just believers who can do the “church thing” once a week, but He desires believers who can live a kingdom lifestyle at all times no matter what the circumstances.

Understanding kingdom secrets is a key to being transformed. The revelation and truth we receive is intended to change they way we function, but God has intentionally encoded those truths so that there would not be illegal access. We are the ones who must, by listening, obedience, attitudes and actions apply ourselves to decode the secrets of heaven that we may be transformed.

The Language of Dreams

Date: May 12th, 2007