Being A Watcher


Rachel Meyer

By Rachel Meyer

It occurs to me, this morning, that most of our enemies are invisible. I mean, we see the results, occasionally even the symptoms, but rarely does our real enemy come out into the open. I ponder this while watching a group of young people dance in the park to the tunes of a street musician. The musician, himself, appears tattered, but in a tailored sort of way. He has that rebel aura that we are often drawn to, and a good eye for the crowd. He adjusts his tone accordingly. I only recognize this because I am a people-watcher too, howbeit for different reasons. It isn’t the musician I am attracted to right now. I try to blend in, as I watch the dancers.

I try to pick up on the spiritual atmosphere that surrounds them. I listen. I pray. I watch.

I’m refreshed to hear their laughter, to see how totally in sync they seem to be. There’s an elderly couple sitting on a park bench nearby. The lady smiles, as her husband taps his foot. I watch. You see, I’m keeping a vigil of sorts. I used to come here to pray for our city, to pray for our nation, to pray over events we had planned, and some we had not planned for at all. That’s what I used to do. I pray differently now. I listen closer. I try to be a little more on purpose about discerning the spirit of a thing. Continue reading

Old Age and Treachery

The devil is a treacherous enemy who has been around for thousands of years. We can overcome the enemy by being aware of his strategies and prepared to defeat them! Submit to God, resist the devil, cast your cares on God and maintain a heart of thanksgiving and worship!

How Not To Get Eaten Alive

1 Pet 5:8 reminds us the the devil is always looking for someone to devour. How can you make sure that someone isn’t you??

The enemy uses very common strategies to make us vulnerable to attack. By being alert and applying the principles of God to our lives, we can keep ourselves clear of the enemy’s devices and spiritually strong and thriving.

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