Repackaging and Reinvention

A couple of weeks ago, I was out for an evening walk and began to ponder the topic of reinvention.

From time to time, we hear of a well-known performer, often a singer, who is said to have “reinvented” him- or herself. Upon a closer look, we see that the whereas the singer may have changed hair color and style, costume, or even the genre of music (now country as opposed to rock, for example), there has been no fundamental change in who or what he or she does– still singing, but just in a new package.

Businesses and celebrities repackage often as a way to update their image or appeal to a new crowd, but when it comes down to it, it’s the same content with a nice new package.

On the other hand, some people have genuinely reinvented themselves. Continue reading

A Flying Caterpillar

By David Alsobrook

A fuzzy caterpillar was crawling on a tree limb munching on green leaves. He noticed birds flying in the air and something intuitively said to him: One day you will fly! He knows this came from The Creator and believes it in his caterpillar heart, but his caterpillar mind gets it tangled up somehow. He envisions himself as a Flying Caterpillar!

He begins to get sleepy and notices ooze coming from his body. Next thing he knows is he is in a dark place, a warm cocoon. And then disaster strikes: his body begins dissolving in that dark, wet place. “Oh no!” the fuzzy caterpillar cries, “I am losing my fuzziness, my greenness, my caterpillar-ness! This is horrible! Why is The Creator causing this to happen to me? He promised me wings, but instead I’m A MESS!” Continue reading

Spiritual Evolution

True spiritual evolution starts with a divine dissatisfaction with our current status. Recognition of our need for the Savior initially led us to becoming born again.

From that point on, we grew and made spiritual progress. Yet, when our journey led us to a wall, we grew increasingly appalled at the disparity between the promises of the Word and what was our current experience. The abundant life Jesus promised was only partially understood or incorporated into everyday life. We knew deep down we were falling short of the promise. Continue reading

The Grace of Transformation by David Alsobrook

By David Alsobrook

“It is possible to enjoy heaven on earth now. There is no need to suffer inwardly no matter what so-called ‘life’ throws at you. Your happiness is not dependent upon the happenings taking place in the surface realm of your existence, but only in the quality of your soul’s submission to the will of God, moment by moment,throughout each day.”
~ David Alsobrook

From You Can Be Free From Yourself!:
The Grace of Transformation

It was transformation. It had happened by God’s work within me, as I sat passively in His Presence. To put it another way, this work of transforming me had been all His work, not mine. The Holy Spirit did the actual transformation within my soul as He applied the benefits procured by the Cross. Should transformation occur within your soul, it will be as profound and unique to you as mine was to me. It is beyond the ability of words to convey the state of peace that is given to you in transformation. It is all grace, all love, all peace, all God.

Transformation was a death – an ending of “me” that was not the true me. This other “me” had been hurting for a half century. Continue reading


God has a plan for each and every one of us! And the plans of God are always going to include change and transformation! We can observe in God’s creation how a caterpillar goes through tremendous metamorphosis into a butterfly– and understanding God’s processes of change can give us faith to trust and go through it and come out beautiful on the other side!

The Transformed Life

True encounters with God produce change. God is after transformation– evidence in our lives of our relationship with Him.

We must be willing to be changed, and willing to be available and pay the price for change: a surrendered heart, life and personal sacrifice for the sake of others.

Decoding Kingdom Secrets

God is after reformation– not just believers who can do the “church thing” once a week, but He desires believers who can live a kingdom lifestyle at all times no matter what the circumstances.

Understanding kingdom secrets is a key to being transformed. The revelation and truth we receive is intended to change they way we function, but God has intentionally encoded those truths so that there would not be illegal access. We are the ones who must, by listening, obedience, attitudes and actions apply ourselves to decode the secrets of heaven that we may be transformed.

The Destiny Spirit

The Destiny Spirit