Are You Worried?

“If you aren’t worried, it’s because you aren’t paying attention!”, the cartoon said.

Certainly there has been enough bad news and warnings of all kinds of disasters that many people are fearful. And unfortunately, in many cases, some Christians are almost gleeful of tales of impending doom. Just like Jonah who was. He didn’t like the Ninevites and was all too happy to see them destroyed, and he didn’t want his prophetic proclamations to fail.

But I keep returning to what Jesus said. These words keep echoing over and over in my heart: Continue reading

Intentional Faith, or How Not to be a Practical Atheist

There are two approaches to life– to live as though God is at work, or as though He were not. Some who profess to believe in God worry and strive as though He were not a factor.

Jesus said, “Have faith in God.” This is a constant, abiding, and growing faith that is accompanied by hope, peace, and love.

Listen here.

Peaceful Living

This article was taken from a teaching by David Alsobrook of Sure Word Ministries:

What is something almost all of nature abides in? Stillness. Quietness. Confidence. God’s will is that we should be that way too. Focusing on what might happen in the future is “what iffing” (pardon the grammar). “What if such and such happens tomorrow?” “What if the check doesn’t come in by the 15th?” “What if I get farther behind on my bills, what will I do then?” “What if he doesn’t keep his word to me and then I’m left without any recourse?” Many millions of people “what if” their lives away, and so very much of it never materializes anyway. Continue reading