Defining Worship

By John McDonald

It is sad that today “worship” is seen as a matter of how a “church meeting” is structured, or, defined as to the types of songs sung in a meeting. In fact we call the meeting a “service”, where did that idea come from, maybe to ease the conscience and think that a meeting for 60 minutes or so is serving God, well that doesn’t cut it, for it isn’t. Thinking it is about a style of song, i.e. songs that are slow and or that make you close your eyes in reverence. After all we employ ministers as “Worship Leaders”, and we say, we are now going to have “Praise & Worship”.

All this really means is that worship has been hijacked by the musicians. I love those songs just as much as anyone, but it isn’t what worship is. Continue reading

Changing Our Temple Mentality by Laura Houck

By Laura Houck, Bridge Builders Ministry


1) Are you someone who endures through the week until you can attend church on Sunday in order to get into God’s presence?
2) Are you desperate for people to pray for you, and cannot wait until mid-week prayer meeting?
3) Have you been scheming ways to get someone you know to come to a church service so they can get right with God or get saved?
4) Do you seem to have great faith and boldness to pray and believe God for things while at a service, but struggle to pray at all in other places, whether at home or work?
5) Are you in a place that believes only your kind of church is the only way to know the Lord and all others are simply misguided?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be possible that you are suffering from TMS! Read the rest here.

The Perfect Redeemer

What was the meaning and importance of the scroll in Revelation 5, and why was no one worthy to open it except Jesus Christ? What are the qualifications to be worthy to take the scroll and break the seals?

Jesus is the Perfect Redeemer.


The Head

God is good, and He is faithful…. and as we continue to seek after Him, the Word of God and our relationship with Him is supposed to produce glorious fruit in our lives. This is a GOOD thing!

Yet, there are times that we get so caught up in all that we’re doing with Him & through Him, that we sometimes forget that Jesus is to have the ultimate preeminence in all things.

Our actions as the Body are important, but our worship of Jesus the Head of the Body is far more important!

Why We Gather

The Church is a group of people called together to one purpose. When we gather, there is to be a life flow from the Head (Jesus!) to the Body (the Church!).

Unity is where love and power flow– as we minister the love of God one to another. God is not as concerned with how much we are loved, as He is how much we have loved. Let us gather together looking to give and receive the Love of God.

Seeing the Glory

We can hear about the glory, but God wants us to actually experience it. Seeking Him is crucial to seeing the glory. We need tune in to what God is doing, and respond!

In scripture, we see that the Glory of God came when everyone was united in worship. The same is true today! We should expect Jesus in the midst of our corporate worship–and to experience the Glory!

Prophetic Worship

God has given us instruction on how to come into His presence and give the offering of spontaneous praise where He dwells.

Music and worship are powerful ministries that bring prophetic release, victory in warfare, deep revelation, teaching, and salvation to the lost. God has ordained that we can participate now in the worship that will be eternal in heaven.

Martin Luther spoke of music and art saying “…art is a reflection of creativity and evidence that we were created by God.”

Remembering the Lord

Date: April 28th, 2007