The Grace of Transformation by David Alsobrook

By David Alsobrook

“It is possible to enjoy heaven on earth now. There is no need to suffer inwardly no matter what so-called ‘life’ throws at you. Your happiness is not dependent upon the happenings taking place in the surface realm of your existence, but only in the quality of your soul’s submission to the will of God, moment by moment,throughout each day.”
~ David Alsobrook

From You Can Be Free From Yourself!:
The Grace of Transformation

It was transformation. It had happened by God’s work within me, as I sat passively in His Presence. To put it another way, this work of transforming me had been all His work, not mine. The Holy Spirit did the actual transformation within my soul as He applied the benefits procured by the Cross. Should transformation occur within your soul, it will be as profound and unique to you as mine was to me. It is beyond the ability of words to convey the state of peace that is given to you in transformation. It is all grace, all love, all peace, all God.

Transformation was a death – an ending of “me” that was not the true me. This other “me” had been hurting for a half century. The other “me” needed constant care, had to be controlled, restrained, and was almost always hurting in one way or another.The emergence of the true me that had been hiding somewhere inside my body all these many years could only take place as the other “me” had dissolved in God’s Presence. Instead of God healing the hurting me, as I had prayed for years that He would do, the Lord killed that part of me, the part that had always been so painful. He had answered my prayers three years earlier to die and I did die. He then caused the true me He had earlier birthed on November 30, 1969, to come vibrantly alive in such a way that I had never sensed aliveness before.

Profound Change
This inner shift of knowing who I am produced profound change. It was transformation, in the language of Paul. It was deeper than anything I had ever known in over 40 years since the born again experience. Although I had experienced God in real ways over those 40 years, this fundamental change made previous divine touches, precious though they were, lessen in significance. The permanent change experienced in silence made metamorphosis as real to me as it must be to the new butterfly emerging from its old cocoon. The young butterfly is no longer trapped and in darkness inside a tight cocoon. It is free to fly about in the light. So am I.

This profound change is not for a few–the divine work of self dissolution is available for believers everywhere. Nor is this change new; it has occurred in the lives of many down through millennia. The “many” that have been changed in centuries past were actually few in number during any specific time period, so far as Church history records them. The Lord has recently spoken that “a sudden radical transformation” is about to occur on a “worldwide scale in the lives of many” of His people.

Those who have lived lives of inner defeat, frustration, confusion, and pain as I had for so many, many years are about to wake up and never be the same again. The Lord is not going to heal the part of them that is hurting, but remove it entirely, essentially kill it, so that the part of them that already had been made new in the born again experience, the spirit part of every believer, can thrive unhindered by anything within the soul part of every believer. If you have come to the point in your Christian life where you wish you could just die and go on to Heaven, this message is good news to your ears.

If you are in the place in your Christian walk where you are excited about all the good things you are doing for God or are going to do for God, this message will not mean much to you now. Such a Christian is not ready for transformation yet because he or she is inflated by self. It is only when you have tired of self, have been disillusioned by it over and over, and have come to the end of yourself that you are ready for this message. You might as well put this book on your bookshelf, but please do not discard it. Pick it up again in a few years after self has deflated you. When you are miserable as a result of allowing self to run your life, you are then ready for this book.

Changes Produced by Transformation
The soul of the believer, having been transformed by radical change, no longer strives against the spirit of the believer. Instead, the soul resumes its original function as servant to the spirit. It becomes the vehicle through which the spirit expresses Christ in the believer’s body. The soul is not the antagonist it formerly was, continually thinking against the spirit and even warring against it. Peace pervades the entire individual and even his or her body sleeps better. The physical body lives in harmony as part of the whole individual and the believer senses oneness within himself or herself as never before. You are not divided anymore. In the words of Jesus: “you are whole” (John 5:14).

This is what happened to me. It is lasting. It is real. It is transformative. It is the work of God. Since my soul is perpetually renewed now, there aren’t new disturbances continually arising within it. It seems as though “all things are new” which Jesus promised us as He sat upon His “rock”:

And He that sat upon the Throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” ~Revelation 21: 5 NKJV