Don’t Call Me Caiaphas!

By Stephen Blackmon

While at a conference in 1999, the Lord blessed me with an idea for a novel. It took me the following ten years “experiencing God” to write it. And the process was incredible. I was blessed with many revelations about our existence here, and about the Lord Himself. A large portion of the novel takes place in Heaven. And the time I spent in prayer learning about that and our misconceptions about real life was extraordinary to say the least.

However, in time, the Lord began to give me a sequel to the book. As I began to hungrily write my notes and etch out this new narrative, my excitement died. Once again He began blessing me with revelation. But this time it showed me a clearer picture of many of Hell’s residents. As I was given vivid visions of this place of torment, I was thrown by the number of references to church. Many of the images I saw showed people having service. It showed thousands upon thousands of religious, judgmental, hypocritical people who had claimed to be believers. Continue reading