Thorns on Your Brow

Lying awake in bed late at night and tossing and turning, the tormenting thoughts and disturbing emotions were relentless, forbidding rest, much less sleep. All attempts at relief, all the usual remedies, were not working. The grief and nagging hurt continued as the minutes slowly passed into hours. Nothing seemed to soothe the fretful brow, to restore peace.

Although knowing that internal peace is the inheritance of believers, that peace was taking a severe beating. The fight for peace to remain was fierce, and the promise was unchanged. Continue reading

Where Are You Looking?

When people are under stress, fear and desperation, that is when they begin to make wrong responses to situations.  Our wrong responses at best don’t help us any, and at worse… make things worse!

It is in times of difficulty is when we ESPECIALLY need to look to the Lord, and make right, godly responses to the challenges facing us.  Obedience to the Lord and His word include our service, tithing, giving and ministry– these are the seeds to sow when we most need a harvest!